Best Bug-Free Backpacking Hammock this 2020

Before you go camping, make sure to prepare all the basic equipment you will need. For instance, pack enough food and water for the family. Bring first-aid kits, tools, and extra clothing, especially if you are planning to stay on the camping ground for a day or two. And of course, don’t forget to bring your temporary shelter.

When talking about shelters for camping, two things come in mind; that is a tent and a hammock. Though tents are stable and sturdy shelter, they require time and effort to assemble. Likewise, tents are a bit heavy. For light packing, the best option is a hammock.

A hammock is ideal for long-distance backpacking and camping. It is also a great choice if you want to sleep outdoors and enjoy the sceneries around you. But take note that not all hammocks are ideal for outdoor sleeping. Make sure to use a bug-free hammock for a wonderful sleep at night under the stars.

To make things easier, here is the best bug-free backpacking hammock in the market this 2020.

#1 Bliss No-See-Um No More Camping Hammock

This hammock has a high weight capacity. It can accommodate weight up to 350 pounds. Hence, it can carry both kids and adults. It has a dimension of 118 x 59 inches. Moreover, it has a strong rope and suspension system.

The Bliss No-See-Um No More camping hammock will keep you away from all sorts of bugs at night. Attached to the hammock is a net to protect you from bugs. The netting is a strong, abrasion-resistant bug-proof netting, keeping you safe from mosquitoes, fleas, sandflies, to no-see-ums. It also comes with rugged double YKK zippers for easy access. Inside the hammock are four pockets and four loops for additional storage.

This hammock is extremely comfortable. The fabric is a soft and breathable parachute. Thus, you won’t feel hot resting on this hammock even during the day or at night.

The hammock is reversible. Flip it upside down to reverse it. Washing and drying Bliss No-See-Um No More is not an issue. It is machine washable and dries quickly.

#2 Hennessy Camping Hammock

Hennessy hammock has a unique design. It features a patented asymmetrical shape that is unlike its competitors. The reason behind this design is to allow easy access and provide the best comfort to users. You can lie diagonally across this hammock and feel no discomfort.

The hammock is perfect for individuals up to 6 feet tall and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

If the former utilizes zipper for access, this option uses Velcro to seal the entrance at the bottom. Moreover, the fabric of this hammock is impressively durable. Not to mention, the hammock and suspension system of Hennessy is sturdy and reliable.

It also comes with a mosquito mesh, rainfly, and webbing traps to help sleep better at night.

The Verdict

Given the above two bug-free hammocks, the best choice is Hennessy, especially if you are searching for a durable and long-lasting hammock. These two are only some of the top-seller brands in the market today. If you want to check out other alternatives, see the top 5 backpacking hammock here at the Patio Chair. Also, look up this source to find additional details and reviews of these items.

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