Five Exciting Ways to Consume Cannabis

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries nowadays. Though cannabis persists as a controversial and federally illegal drug, many states in the U.S. have come to accept its health benefits and medicinal properties. Thus, on a state level, patients who need cannabis medication can have access to the herb through a medical professional’s prescription.

The most common way to consume cannabis is orally and through smoking. Unfortunately, not all are quite fond of its taste. The good thing is there are various exciting ways to take this alternative medicine. To make your cannabis experience more fun, here are some great ideas on how to consume the herb.

#1 Cannabis Drinks

One creative way to enjoy your cannabis is by adding it to beverages. You can prepare your favorite drink and add the cannabis dosage you need. The flavor of the drink will mask the cannabis’ taste. In this manner, you can drink the herb without tasting its bitter after-taste.

Also, there are bottled drinks in the market with added cannabis, from fruit juices to sodas. You can check out some of it at your nearest cannabis distributor.

#2 Cannabis Tea

Adding cannabis on a beverage won’t affect its efficacy. But if you don’t like putting cannabis on strong-flavored beverages, why not make cannabis tea?

Cannabis tea is a great means to consume it without smoking. You can use dried cannabis and infuse it with tea leaves and water. You can also add cannabis tincture to tea.

#3 Cannabis Shake

Do you love smoothies or shakes? If you do, no doubt, you will love cannabis shake.

All you have to do is to follow the recipe of your favorite shake, then add the cannabis powder or tincture. The shake will smoothen up the taste of cannabis, allowing you to take it easy and enjoy.

#4 Cannabis Cookies

Cannabis edibles become more popular today. You can turn cannabis into an enjoyable pastry, like cookies, cakes, brownies, and many more. And take note; there are different cannabis cookie recipes you can use online. One of the best sources where you can find fun cannabis cookie recipes is right here.

For those who lack baking skills, no worries! You can still enjoy delicious cannabis by buying one at the nearest cannabis vendor. Many cannabis sellers today also include edibles on their product list. Take time to check it out.

#5 Cannabis Candy and Chewing Gums

Do you need to take cannabis but frequently travels? If yes, cannabis candies and chewing gums are the best options for you.

CBD-infused candies and gums contain similar effects when using CBD oil orally. And since it is a candy, the additional flavor will mask the taste of CBD. Likewise, it looks discreet that you can take it easy when it work or while traveling.


There are many ways to enjoy cannabis other than taking pills and vaping. The above options will help you to enjoy more of the herb and experience its benefits at the same time.

If you need more ideas on how to prepare cannabis, this source can help you.

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