Five Room Décor Trends Girls Must Follow this 2020

Does your bedroom have the same décor for the last two years or more? If yes, then it’s time for room décor updates!

Before the year 2020 began, many interior designers and experts already launched their bedroom ideas for the upcoming year. And now that almost half a year passed, various trends keep on coming. If you never dared to try these designs, now is your chance.

This year, designers come up with bedroom designs that are both elegant, bold, but at the same time functional, and practical. These designs increase the functionality of the room while maintaining their beauty. Moreover, these bedroom trends target the comfort and demands of an independent girl.

Do you want to find out these top room decors for girls? Check it out and read about it here.

#1 Soften White with Pastel

White stays on the list of bedroom décor trends. But sometimes too much white is flashy and blinding to the eyes. To soften your white bedroom walls, throw decors with pastel colors. Adding pastel hues dilutes the brightness of white. Moreover, it will give color and uniqueness to your room. Make sure to use your favorite pastel color, so the room matches your personality.

#2 Greyish Pink Inspiration

Grey and pink are a perfect combination of softness and charm. The pink enhances the room’s beauty and elegance. Meanwhile, the grey color balances the brightness of the former. Furthermore, the greyish pink combination has a comforting touch that is perfect for tweens and young adults.

#3 Calming Bohemian Style

Do you prefer a bedroom interior with a serene vibe? Then, the boho style might be the right one for you.

Some girls are wary of using bohemian style because of the bright prints, bold patterns, and overload of colors it has. You don’t have to add crazy patterns and bright colors to embrace the bohemian style décor. A splash of color and patterns in a neutral backdrop will do fine. You can add more elements to your design to make your room more calming and relaxing. For example, place some potted plants in the corner of your room to make the space more refreshing.

#4 Bright Textiles for Flair

If you are tired of the common bedroom colors, why not make it vibrant by adding bright textiles?

Bright textiles in the bedroom are the latest trend of 2020, which is an inspiration from Mediterranean and Indian style. Throwing vibrant colors will enliven the bedroom’s somber appearance. All you have to do is place some prints, accent pillows, and decors with bright colors.

#5 Large Wall Stickers as Décor

Make your bedroom’s wall inviting by adding unique decorating, such as large wall stickers. Choose a wall sticker that compliments your bedroom’s interior. You can also add wall sticker quotations to personalize your bedroom.


A good rule of thumb when decorating a bedroom is following your personality and taste. These trends are guides to give you an idea on how to transform your room. Giving your room a personal taste and flair is for you to decide.

Which among these trends do you prefer? If you have questions about decorating rooms, check out this source.

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