How To Store Your Essentials When Travelling

There’s possibly nothing better than travelling. You get to see new places, learn about its people and culture, and maybe even discover your new favourite dish.

However, with travelling, it also comes with one thing we dislike: packing.

While there are a lot of tips on how to pack effectively and efficiently out there, there’s not much to say about storing your essentials the right way when it comes to travelling.

Here are our tips in storing your essentials while travelling

Ellis James Designs - Makeup Bags and Organizer
  • Choose the right bag

Choosing the perfect bag to store your essentials is half the battle of the dreaded packing. Finding a good makeup bag is extremely important for a stress-free and easy-breezy packing. And we can’t stress that enough.

One of our favorite and go-to bags for essential storage is Ellis James Designs. They make great quality makeup bags that fit all your essentials in and also your budget. They have a lot of bags to choose from, for your makeup brushes, toiletries or an all-around makeup bag, which is why they are among the top bags we highly suggest on picking up.

The brush slots are wide enough to fit all your different-sized makeup brushes, mascara and pencils. Their bags also has a spacious interior and comes with a detachable divider so you can organise your products any way you want. Additionally, their makeup bags are made of high quality nylon fabric so if you get makeup stains inside (which always happens, by the way), you can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth or tissue.2. Make a list

  • Use multi-purpose products

The best way to travel with your essentials while also not compromising on your favourites is by using multi-purpose products. A good example would be leaving behind your eyeshadow palettes and using bronzer and highlighters for your eye makeup.

On the other hand, Nudestix is a great brand if you’re looking for multi-purpose products. They have lip and cheek pencils, brow pencils where you can use them on your eyes too, or for contour, if you’re brave enough.

  • Make a list

We are a huge advocate of making a list. And making a list before packing is one we never forget, or purposefully forget. This is to make sure we got everything we need but also that we are not packing something we don’t necessarily need that will only end up unused during your whole trip.

What to add to your list? Well, everything you would need for the trip. But do this weeks before the trip so you can go back on the list every now and then and re-think if these really are your ‘essentials’.

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