Men’s Fashion Guide: How to Be Stylish with Classic Oxford Shoes for Men this Season

Are you the quintessential and traditional type of person when it comes to men’s fashion? Or else, do you like to experiment and try modern styles? 

Regardless of your fashion statement, for sure, you would agree that a classic Oxford shoe is one thing every man should own. This footwear is a timeless fashion staple. From the traditional leather Oxford shoes, now you can find a modernized version of this footwear made with a wide variety of materials including suede, canvas, and faux-leather.

How to Identify an Oxford Shoe? 

Beginners usually make errors in distinguishing an Oxford shoe. If you are new to Oxford shoes, here are some tips to help you distinguish the footwear from other dress shoes. 

1. Closed Lacing System

An Oxford shoe’s most defining characteristic is its closed lacing system. It is the only footwear that features this type of lacing system. 

2. Low Heel

Another feature of an Oxford shoe is its low heel. It has a relatively low heel compared to other footwear styles. 

3. Ankle Exposure

It is the only footwear that exposes the wearer’s ankles. 

If you want to own a pair of Oxford shoes, check out this classic Oxford shoe review. This source will help you find the best options in the market this year. 

How to Wear Classic Oxford Shoes? 

There are various ways to wear this classic footwear. Despite being traditional footwear, you can be stylish and trendy while wearing these pair of shoes. All you have to do is follow these tips.

1. Take Out Your Favorite Skinnies

Wear these shoes with a pair of skinnies and a slim fit shirt. This look is perfect for casual wear. Though the ensemble is quite simple, it’ll make you appear fashionable. Moreover, the skinnies and slim-fitting shirt will flatter your body. 

Throw on a leather jacket to match with your shoes to add more edge and masculinity. This style is ideal for daily wear. 

2. Be Bold in Print

You can be stylish and daring while wearing these shoes. Take out your best bold print shirt and pair it with black pants. Adding your classic Oxford shoes to the mix, it’ll make you appear masculine and fashionable. 

3. Classy Black

You can never go wrong with a black suit, sharply pressed pants, and a pair of black Oxford shoes. The black is classy and elegant, making it ideal for dressy dinner dates, and less formal events like a wedding. 

4. Be Unique with Grey and Brown

As you already know, never mix brown with black. If you are wearing a black suit, go for black Oxford shoes. But if you want to be unique, a grey suit with brown Oxford shoes will do the trick. 

It is both classy and stylish. You can also try brown Oxford shoes with a blue suit and pants. 

5. Blue Jeans

A brown Oxford shoe will match perfectly with blue jeans. Throw on a t-shirt with a lighter color, like grey perhaps, for contrast. 

Are you excited to try these fashion tips? Then, get your pair of Oxford shoes today! 

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