Pick Yourself a Suitable Tire Pressure Gauge

Road safety rules like putting on one’s seatbelt, road etiquette, and knowledge how to drive a vehicle are essential to earn one’s privilege of getting to drive. You also have the routine obligation to check your vehicle and see to it that it is in running condition. This routine thing to do before a driver hits the road includes checking one’s tire pressure. You are probably not doing this one since you can’t do anything with your flattened tire unless you get to a gas station or an auto shop to pump air back into your tire; but getting to check your tire pressure on your own won’t hurt. Tire pressure is a matter of safety because it affects your vehicle handling!

Fortunately, you don’t really need one of those large tire pressure gauges that shops usually use, since there are portable tire pressure gauges and the ones recommended by My Automotive Zone are the best in the market. A site specializing on such devices, it pays to check out My Automotive Zone’s recommendations.

My Automotive Zone’s Recommendations

1. Vondior Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

Sporting a tough exterior, the Vondior tire pressure gauge will get the job done and keep doing so for a long time. Having a rather simple design makes this gauge the perfect pick for those who are not fond of complex devices; and the gauge is truly worth its price, being able to glow in the dark. You might want to take note on the design; it’s so simple that it doesn’t have adaptors that can allow the use of the gauge on motorcycles and bicycles. The air tube is a bit too short, and the needle can get stuck occasionally. But being able to measure up to 60 psi of pressure, with an accuracy certified by the American National Standards Institute, makes this a good pickup for almost any kind of ride you may have.

2. Rhino Heavy Duty Pressure Gauge

This one packs more features than most of the products featured here. Being able to measure a bit more of tire pressure than the Vondior gauge at up to 75 psi, the Rhino gauge will also emit a faint glow in dark conditions, and is durable. Its woven air tube is longer at eight inches, and the lifetime warranty makes this a strong contender. However, the lack of additional adaptors for other kinds of valves plagues this gauge too.

3. Dans Auto Professional Grade Tire Pressure Gauge

The Dans Auto gauge is one made to stand out; this is the priciest item in the list, but it will be ultimately up to you to decide if it is truly worth it. First, the gauge is made of steel, not brass as what’s typical of the other gauges. There is a flexible tube that will connect your tire to the gauge, and this one now has adaptors for multiple kinds of tire valves! However, never forget the price; it’s said to be worth all other gauges in this list combined, and it does not glow in the dark.

4. DIYCO Digital Wheel Inflator and Pressure Gauge

This one is unique among other gauges here; its air tube is multipurpose since it can be connected to an air compressor to help pump in air. The gauge is digital, unlike the others. Being digital, the gauge is easy to read and, this time, it emits light.

5. Jaco Elite Tire Pressure Gauge

Featuring a design that looks strangely similar with the Vondior gauge, the Jaco Elite gauge also has an analog display that can glow in the dark, and a user would be pleased of the gauge’s ease of use. Not only that it is almost identical to the Vondior gauge in terms of looks and price, it also shares the same downsides of having a short air tube and having no adaptor.

If you’re still confused on what tire pressure gauge you should be bringing with your car, simply consider the measuring range of the gauge, the materials used in the device, the power source, the display, and the size. It’s not a bearable thing to think that you’re going places without you checking your tires by yourself, so you better get a tire pressure gauge today and spare yourself the bother of having to visit the car shop to have your wheels checked!

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