Securing Pocket Knife: Pocket Knife Rules that You Should Know

Pocket knives are small and simple – a great tool to carry around when camping. However, even for a small knife, pocket knives can be potentially dangerous too. In fact, it has been recorded that 47 percent of knife-related injuries are incurred from unsafe use of pocket knives; one of the most common pocket knife-related accidents is folding the knife into its case or frame, causing small nick to serious immobilizing cuts.

If you are planning to invest a pocket knife for camping, you should also know some basic pocket knife safe-handling rules. Here are some safety rules to follow:

#1: Always set up a “safety circle”

One of the top safety guidelines when owning a pocket knife is to set up a “safety circle” around you from the knife, as well as, the knife and someone. This means you mustn’t play with the knife aiming towards you nor aiming towards other people. Always keep enough space between you and the knife when you use it, as well as, enough room between the knife and other people near you.

Here’s a quick tip; if you are about to cut or carve something that is quite tough, always cut or carve away from you. Make sure to securely hold the knife and use your dominant hand when you work with it.

#2: Mind the folding and unfolding of the pocket knife

One of the most challenging and dangerous parts of using a pocket knife is when you fold and unfold the knife out of its case or frame. So, here is a quick tip on how to safely open and close the pocket knife:

When unfolding the pocket knife:

  • Use your non-dominant hand to grip the pocket knife.
  • Use the thumbnail of the dominant hand to pull out the blade from its frame – do it slowly and carefully to avoid it from snapping back to its place.

 When folding the pocket knife:

  • Use the non-dominant hand to grip the base of the knife.
  • Use the dominant hand to push back the thick part of the blade back into the case; do it carefully.

To get more additional details on how to close the pocket knife the safest ways, you may see the detailed guide here.

#3: Secure the blade into the case when you pass the knife

The safest way to pass the pocket knife is to secure its blade into its case; this will keep possible life-threatening accidents from happening. However, if passing the pocket knife with its blade out from its case is inevitable, pass the knife by holding the blade with its cutting edge facing away from your palm, letting the person receive the knife by the handle.

More Tips

Practice safe sharpening of the knife’s blade; do not be in the rush. Keep the pocket knife’s hinge functional by lubricating it with appropriate oil at least once a month. Finally, keep your pocket knife out of reach of children.

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