Tangle-free Hair

Tips To Maintain Tangle-free Hair

1. Always Condition the tips of your hair –

While most of us understand the importance of utilizing shampoo to wash our hair, the need for a conditioner is often overlooked as unnecessary. However, conditioning one’s hair, especially the tips of the hair, is highly vital as it not only detangles the hair but also smoothens it out. All that you have to do is apply 2 drops of conditioner on to your hair tips and let it work on the hair for around 5 minutes before washing it all off.

Tangle-free Hair

2. Brush your hair twice a day –

Combing or brushing one’s hair is one of the first lessons we learn about personal hygiene and health as children. The prime reason for this practice is to detangle the hair but in addition to that, brushing your hair also leads to an increase in blood circulation on the scalp, and this keeps your hair healthy and lively.

3. Keep your length in check and trim on regular intervals –

As beautiful and mesmerizing as long hair may look, no one will ever know the secrets of maintaining this length other than someone with long hair themselves. Trimming one’s hair on regular intervals helps chop off the dead ends or split ends in your hair and results in healthy hair.

Tangle-free Hair

4. Stay away from haircare products with excessive chemicals –

Although any sign of chemicals and artificial preservatives in the items we purchase are unhealthy and damaging, it is impossible to ignore the presence of chemicals in our day to day lives.

5. Use a quality hair mask –

Hair masks are not just inexpensive but also if you are someone who doesn’t like purchasing from stores you can make your own with the ingredients present in your kitchen. Hair mask’s help smoothen out your hair and give it a glossy finish once you are done washing it off.

6. Get yourself a good quality detangler –

If none of the simple home remedies mentioned above don’t work, it is a good idea to invest in a quality detangler. Although these are not always expensive, it is recommended to purchase one of a higher price as they are of better quality.

7. Avoid artificial hair equipment heat –

No matter what do not encourage the use of heated hair styling equipment as these equipments are harmful and are capable of damaging your hair if used repeatedly. If you are someone who is in the beauty industry and are required to make use of these products regularly ensure you get your hair treated to the best of care every now and then to compensate for the damage done. Lesser the heat, lower the damage and increasingly tangle-free.

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