Shoes for Nurses: How to Choose the Best Footwear for Nursing Shift

Nurses are one of many professionals that endure a lot of standing, walking (other than the usual rounds), and long, arduous shift. Also, these are one of many professionals that have to survive a toxic shift without eating or even having a pee break; in fact, there are days and nights that they have to deal with lunch breaks that are limited to 30 minutes and pee breaks that are sometimes no longer a privilege – that’s the downside of being a nurse. However, on top of it, they do a lot of heroic deeds in the hospital to keep one’s life extended.

Nurses do suffer from burn-out – that is a fact. Also, the daily hours of working, standing, and walking make them suffer not only back pain, fatigue, and muscle cramps, but they are also prone to hallux rigidus, plantar fasciitis, and foot pain; especially when they are wearing the wrong footwear.

Shoes for doctors are easy to find and so are shoes for nurses. If you are currently on the hunt for comfortable footwear that can endure long and stressful hours of toxic shifts, here are some useful tips on how to choose the best footwear for the nursing shift.

Tip #1: Designed with good cushioning and better arch support

When picking any type and brand of footwear the feeling of being comfortable when wearing it is paramount than whatever design it has. Footwear with good cushioning and better arch support is essential to medical professionals; where the arch support help prevents lower back pain and helps improve posture, while shoes with good cushioning help absorb impact from all-day standing, walking, and even running within the hospital during critical moments. Also, a pair of good nursing shoes can help prevent your ankles, hips, and knees from becoming sore due to long hours of toxic hospital shifts.

Tip #2: It must be non-slippery

Hospital floors can be dangerous too; not only for the patient but also for medical professionals; especially doctors and nurses. At this point, the most effective shoes for medical professionals are shoes that are rubber-soled and are designed with good treads.

Tip #3: Designed with a wider toe box

Again feeling comfortable while wearing a pair of shoes is paramount; this is also one of the reasons why when choosing a pair of shoes you have to look for shoes that are designed with a wide toe box. A toe box that is designed wider can keep you from feeling your feet uncomfortable being confined for several hours, as well as, pain throughout your shift. The space within the toe box will allow your feet to feel comfortable even during critical times in the hospital.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing the right footwear – comfortable, non-slip, and durable – is also paramount in the medical field, having similar importance to scrub suits and official uniforms for nurses. Using the right footwear will help you, as a part of the medical team – will allow you to comfortably walk and stand throughout long hours of shift, even during toxic hours.

So, before purchasing just any footwear, make sure to purchase something very comfortable, non-slip, and durable.

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