Steam Cleaning 101: An Introduction for Newbies

Steam cleaning has been the talk of the town since it gained more attention. If you’re new to steam cleaning, learn the basics of this cleaning method and find out whether it is worth switching up with traditional mops and vacuums. 

Chances are a friend or a relative recommended you to use the steam cleaning method. Also, you might have heard about it on the internet or in a commercial. Inasmuch, steam cleaning is probably one of the most popular cleaning methods nowadays given its exposure to media and online.

What is Steam Cleaning? 

It is a cleaning method that utilizes steam instead of regular water and soap to get rid of dirt and stains. Steam cleaning requires the use of steam mops (also called steam cleaners). This equipment is powerful enough to remove dirt, grime, bacteria, viruses, and more. The cleaning tool is good for both home use and facilities with traffic such as offices, business establishments, and schools.

How does it Work? 
A steam mop is simple and easy to operate. All it needs is ordinary tap water. The equipment will turn the water into cleaning steam vapor using heat. To kill the germs, the water needs to be heated at least 225 degrees Fahrenheit. However, more powerful steam mops require a higher temperature to completely eradicate stubborn dirt, stains, and microbes. Examples of powerful steam cleaners are seen here at Steam Mops Work.

What are the Benefits of Steam Cleaning? 
Steam cleaning offers many advantages. Below are the reasons why you should consider this cleaning method. 

#1 Uses no Chemicals
Since it uses no chemicals, steam cleaners are a good choice for homeowners with family members suffering from allergy and respiratory problems.

#2 Effective Cleaning
A steam cleaner is efficient in cleaning all surfaces. It effectively cleans floors, carpets, bathroom floors, and even drapes without so much effort. The steam that comes out of the equipment quickly sanitizes and deodorizes surfaces. The heat and moisture it produces also make it easier to kill bacteria and germs on surfaces, making even tough cleaning tasks a lot easier and faster. 

#3 Spend Less 
As mentioned above, all you need is water when it comes to steam cleaning. You no longer have to buy floor polishers and other cleaning solutions to remove grimes, stains, and dirt. 

What to Avoid When Steam Cleaning? 

Although steam cleaning is good for most surfaces, it is not the right option for some cleaning tasks. Here are the few instances wherein steam cleaning should be avoided. 

  • Items that can be damaged by heat and water, such as furniture with water-based paint. 
  • Delicate materials such as plastics and velour upholstery. 
  • Porous surfaces like stucco and brick. 
  • Machines and appliances

Therefore, steam cleaning is good for stain and dirt removal on floors, carpets, tiles, and some pieces of furniture. You can also use this cleaning method on certain items like toys, but make sure it is not made of think plastic. 

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