What You Need to Know About FPV Drones

What is an FPV drone?

If you are new to these aircrafts devices, one of the terms you will encounter along the way is FPV. Before you buy a drone, here are the things you need to know about this device.

Introducing FPV Drones

The FPV stands for First-Person View Drone.  An FPV drone is an aerial vehicle with a camera that transmits videos and images to another mobile device or display. This aircraft is either remotely controlled or programmed to fly autonomously using software.

In a nutshell, an FPV drone allows you to get aerial images, access small spaces, and enter harsh environments.

What are the Uses of FPV Drones?

This aerial craft has countless uses. Here are the different ways wherein you can rely on this aerial robotic vehicle.


FPV drones are excellent devices for photography. It allows a person to capture wide-angle images and videos that are impossible using a regular camera.

Aside from photography, people who do vlogging use this aerial vehicle. The awesome videos a drone capture is certainly stunning.

If you are an amateur photographer or a professional one, you should consider investing on an FPV drone. Imagine the possibilities and craft you can make using this device.

Security Surveillance and Rescue Missions

FPV drones are effective devices for security surveillance and rescue missions. An advanced FPV drone with an HD camera and wide-angle shots can capture clear images of its surrounds below. This feature is excellent for monitoring safety and security in a specific area.

Emergency respondents and rescuers today use FPV drones to enter harsh environments that are hazardous for humans. It allows them to plan effectively and successfully perform the rescue mission without accidents.

How to Choose an FPV Drone?

Take note that there a wide variety of FPV Drones in the market; each of them has varying features that are best-suitable for certain applications. With that being said, how can you find the right FPV Drone for your needs?

The first thing you need to do is find a reliable source. Some websites offer guidelines, tips, and advice to beginners on how to find a good quality FPV drone. Moreover, the internet also has several online sources that post product reviews of best-seller drones. Reading these sources is extremely helpful, particularly for beginners.

The Aero Critic is a great site for drone and FPV pilots. It is one of the best online sources out there that are capable of guiding both professionals and beginners when it comes to FPV drone shopping.

You also have to identify your purpose of buying a drone. Some drones might not have the features you need. Thus, determining your intention of buying such aerial vehicle will support you in navigating the right choices.

As you already know, FPV drones have unique features. Hence, you have to consider the aspects you prefer on a drone. If you have no idea on what to look for, consult online sources like the Aero Critic to find out the best features of a quality FPV Drone. 

Are you ready to shop for an FPV Drone?

Find out more about these aerial vehicles right here at Aero Critic.

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